What is is a service that allows you to find files based on their digest, or create permanent URLs pointing to existing files.

It is essentially a search engine based on file digests.

A URL is permanent and its content will never change.

It is possible for anyone to check that the file has not been modified since it was uploaded, purely based on the URL.

For instance, the two following URLs both point to the same content (at least, at the time of writing):

Obviously the first URL is much shorter, but it is not content addressed: the content it points to may change or disappear at any time, or the website may display a (slightly or completely) different content to different users, without anyone realising.

The URL is content addressed, and is guaranteed to always point to the same content for everyone. The website verifies that the digest match before displaying the content of the original file. In addition, everyone can independently verify that this is the case.

How does work?

When you submit an URL of an existing file, generates a unique URL for that file. The URL is based on the contents of the original URL. If you or anyone else submits a URL pointing to the same content twice, you will get the same exact URL.

Can I share the link to my file on social media?

Yes, you are free to share the link to your file wherever you wish. However, please remember that anyone who has the link will be able to access your file.

How secure is is designed for public file sharing. It does not provide any encryption or authentication for the content of the files.

Can I get a shorter or more readable URL for my uploaded file?

No, the URL is only based on the contents of the file, and cannot be customized.

Can I use a URL shortener to shorten a URL?

While technically that’s possible, doing so would defeat the purpose of, which is to provide a permanent URL for your content. If you want to share a file with a shorter URL, you can upload it directly to a different service that provides that functionality, but then you will not be able to verify that the file has not been modified since it was uploaded.

Can I track how many times a file has been viewed is designed for simple file sharing and hosting and does not currently offer tracking or analytics features.